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Evelyn McKechnie (B.A. Hons)

Evelyn McKechnieEvelyn is a freelance journalist and specialises in travel and tourism and in particular, battlefield tourism. Since her first trip to the Somme Evelyn has built up an extensive knowledge of the battlefields of the Somme, Flanders and Normandy. She has a great interest in not just military history but in other aspects of Great War history, such as the war poets (and of those not so well known poets), the use of animals in warfare and women writers of the period.

This passion for the First World War got Evelyn heavily involved in the National Scottish Monument in Flanders project, which saw a Celtic Cross raised to all Scots that served on the Western Front. She attended the inauguration in August 2007, an experience she will always treasure.

Going on a battlefield tour is one of the most moving, fascinating and thought-provoking trips anyone can have. What is impressive about some of the battlefields is the peaceful serenity of the landscape and how the land has been healing all this time, even though there are scars still visible to show the slaughter that was endured here.

We can still see these scars, and the 'silent cities' are the cemeteries that bear testament to the incredible losses. Years after these battles have been fought people are still drawn to Normandy, Verdun, Arnhem, the Somme and Flanders. Whatever your reason for visiting, everyone involved at Ecosse Battlefield Tours will endeavour to help you experience history in a way that you may be compelled to return.

Daniel Macrae

Daniel MacraeDaniel previously served with the 52nd Lowland TAVR. His hobbies are collecting medals and badges from the Great War, particularly medals named to Macrae, the Glasgow Highlanders and nursing personnel. He has been collecting for 46 years.

Daniel is a member of the Glasgow Highlanders Association and the Highland Light Infantry Association and he assists every year with poppy collecting.

He is also a freelance photographer and a member of the International Press Association. Both he and Evelyn have worked together on numerous assignments on the Great War and Normandy for various publications.

Arthur Petrie M.A.Hons, Dip Ed.

Arthur PetrieArthur is a graduate of Aberdeen University where he studied History, Politics and International Relations.

Arthur is an ex regular army officer in the rank of Major with a military specialisation in the infantry and airborne forces. He has recently retired, after a period in the Territorial Army, in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel as Deputy Commandant 2nd Battalion, The Highlanders, Army Cadet Force. Arthur has extensive practical experience of soldiering with nine operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland, Falklands War, Bosnia and Iraq. As a graduate of the Army Staff College he was employed as a staff officer at Brigade, Division and in the Ministry of Defence.

Arthur is also a qualified History and Modern Studies teacher, registered with the General Teaching Council. He is also registered under the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme to work with vulnerable children and adults. He has recently retired as a teacher of children with Additional Support Needs.

Arthur will lead tours to the Arnhem battlefields.

Sabine Declercq

Sabine DeclercqSabine was born in Potijze just outside Ypres, Flanders, growing up amongst the CWGC cemeteries. She spent hours walking on the fields with her beloved grandfather Gaston, listening to his stories. It was he who gave her the passion for the history of the Great War.

Sabine speaks fluent English, Dutch and French, and gained her European Blue Badge for guiding in 2010. As well as being a wonderful guide for adult groups, Sabine does a lot of work for the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 with groups of children.

She is very experienced in the battlefield area about Ypres, also well known as 'The Salient' and the Somme. Her other passion is collecting postcards from the Great War.

Tony Bray

Tony BrayTony Bray started his working life as an officer cadet at Sandhurst, and then served as an officer in Army logistics. After leaving the Army, he held various management positions in the telecommunications industry, before going freelance as a management training consultant. He has written 23 books and training packages on management and training.

Tony has flown light aircraft and gliders, and has had a life-long interest in aviation. He first flew solo in a glider at 16, a year before passing his driving test. He is a volunteer aircraft guide at the National museum of Flight, and is especially interested in the part aviation has played in warfare.

From the beginnings of the development of lighter-than-air versus heavier-than-air in the First World War, to the dramatic development of air power in the Second World War, overturning the centuries-old dominance of the battleship, leading to the use of atomic weapons. Tony now flies his own drone around the skies of Scotland.

Throughout his life Tony has visited a wide variety of historical sites including Masada, the Maginot line, Dachau and Belsen camps, the Mohne Dam, and Oradour sur Glane. He has escorted visitors around the familiar battlefield sites in Northern Europe, including Ypres, the Somme, Vimy Ridge, Arnhem, and Normandy. His military background, coupled with his knowledge of the battlefields, enables him to bring the settings alive for first time visitors.